Fixed Assets Audit & Tracking

Enterprise Grade Fixed Asset Audit and Tracking Solution



Audit & Reconciliation

Asset Audit and Reconciliation is the anchor module of AssetCues It automates the different processes involved in Asset Tagging, Asset Inventory and Reconciliation.

  • Mobile-based asset tagging and audit
  • Capture Additional assets (Assets physically available but not in Register)
  • Capture asset information such as model number, serial number, asset photo, equipment number
  • Audit of Assets at vendor locations
  • Automated reconciliation of discrepancies
  • Audit evidence storage and retrieval

Transfer Management

Asset Transfer management module enables the transfer of assets between locations, cost centres or vendor locations. Workflows can be customized for different types of transfer with a multiple level approval matrices.

  • Mobile or Web-based initiation
  • Overdue alerts for assets in transit, on loan and with vendors
  • Customizable Asset transfer documentation
  • Email-based approval
  • Audit trail and unrecorded transfer report

Disposal Management

Asset disposal management module facilitates asset retirement through sale or scrap. Workflows can be customised for different slabs of the amount involved in the disposal requests with a multiple level approval matrix. Asset approved for disposal can be held for disposal and physically disposed after sale or actual scrapping.

  • Mobile or Web-based initiation
  • Retire through EOL, Sale or Scrap
  • Customizable Asset disposal documentation
  • Email based approval
  • Audit trail reports

User Management

Asset User Management facilitates the allocation and Unallocation of assets to the user. Through integration with LDAP, the entire user management can be streamlined and accountability of the assets being tracked. Key Features

  • Allocation and Unallocation with documentation trail
  • Track assets allocated to non-employees
  • Overdue alerts of temporary allocation
  • Self-certification portal for employees
  • Track ageing of unused assets
  • Email-based confirmation
  • Audit trail reports

Contract Management

The Contract Management module helps capture and maintain all types of contracts/agreements related to Assets with a complete track of expiry dates/renewal dates and document repository of these contracts.

  • Lease contracts tracking
  • Maintenance contracts details
  • Support contracts
  • Warranty expiry and alerts
  • Insurance policy tracking and Premium payment alerts

Other Features

Besides the modules listed above, there are other general features available on all licenses. Following are the other noteworthy key features

  • Non-FAR Assets Management
  • Label customization and printing
  • Asset grouping and split
  • Asset Geotagging
  • Configurable alerts/notifications
  • Multiple standardized and self-serve reporting solution