Following are answers to some of the frequently asked questions to us

Our Asset Data Sits in Multiple Systems. Can AssetCues Integrate Data Across Multiple Systems ?

Yes, Assetrak can integrate data from multiple systems of records and can synchronize them all to come up with one integrated asset repository.

Our Assets Are Dispersed Across Multiple Plants, Offices and Vendor Locations. Can AssetCues Support Multiple Physical Locations ?

Yes, we understand that all assets are not always as the same location. Assetrak supports multiple locations, companies, etc.

Our Asset Register Is in Our Erp. Can AssetCues Be Integrated with Our Erp ?

Yes. Assetrak can be integrated with all leading ERPs including SAP, Oracle and Microsoft. This will ensure asset database consistency.

Is Our Data on AssetCues Secure ?

Yes, our software infrastructure is designed to protect against all common security threats. Asset data always remain encrypted. We secure the data in transit and at rest. We follow the best industry practice in securing all the data. Our application has been duly tested and trusted by the security teams of some large Organizations.

What Type of Mobile Phone Is Required for AssetCues Mobile Application ?

Any Android phone with operating system 5.0 and above, Camera resolution of 13 mega pixels or more and Ram of 3 GB or more is sufficient to use Assetrak Mobile Application.

Do You Also Offer Asset Tagging Services to Support Software Implementation ?

We offer a range of implementation services including Fixed asset register (FAR) preparation, FAR clean-up, Asset Identification and Tagging, Reconciliation and Tracking Policy implementation. You can opt for these services along with Assetrak software.

Do You Offer Managed Services Where Your Team Can Visit Us Periodically to Verify/Tag Assets ?

Yes. We have our teams located in more than 8 states to carry out periodic asset verification and tagging and submit compliance report to you.

Can We Purchase Asset Tags from You ?

Yes. We have a wide variety of asset tags to choose from. You can contact us for more information.

Are the Asset Tags Used/Recommended by You Durable ?

Durability of asset tags depends on many factors including the label type, asset type, asset use, environment where the asset is installed, fixing technology and the printing technology. Through our years of experience in this industry, we have developed some highly durable asset tags and our team shall help you chose the best ones for each asset.

How Does the Pricing Work ?

The product licensing is based on the number of assets being tracked using Assetrak. We have different plans for different slab of assets.