Fixed Assets Audit & Tracking

Enterprise Grade Fixed Asset Audit and Tracking Solution

Solution Benefits


Speed and Efficiency in Asset Audit and Reconciliation

The physical audit of assets (physical verification of assets or asset inventory) carried out through AssetCues mobile application is fully automated and highly accurate resulting into significant savings in cost, time and efforts involved in conducting an audit. With a complete audit history and findings available to the asset managers centrally, the reconciliation and reporting become easier.

360 degree control over Assets

Having better control over Asset availability, its condition and movement are not just important from the compliance perspective, but also for achieving better asset utilization. AssetCues provides complete control over the recording of asset movement, condition, assignments and availability ensuring enough control points are available throughout the asset lifecycle.

Better ROI

AssetCues improves Assets utilization thereby resulting in a better return on Asset Investments. AssetCues also reduces costs associated with maintenance of the assets and insurance premiums.

Single Point monitoring & control of Assets

For the organizations operating in multiple diverse locations, it is challenging to keep track of Assets moving in and out of any location. AssetCues has a history of being effective in such Organizations as is effectively demonstrated by some of our customers having 1000+ locations using AssetCues efficiently to monitor and control their Organisation assets.

True and Fair asset disclosures in Financial statements

AssetCues ensures that there are no Ghost assets in the organization and the condition of each asset is recorded accurately so that any adjustment if required is made in the value of the asset. Further, at all times the physical status of the Asset is in sync with the FAR and hence the depreciation is calculated accurately as well. This ensures that the Fixed Assets value in the Financial Statements reflects a true and fair view.

Realtime Analytics for better decision making

AssetCues offers real-time actionable intelligence on the available asset information which can be used by CXOs for better decision making with respect to Procurement, Replacement, Insurance and Utilization of Assets and fixing up Accountability within the Organization.

Better compliance to regulations

One of the leading objectives of AssetCues is to ensure Compliance to various statutory regulations including Corporate law and Accounting Standards on the maintenance of asset information, accounting and control over assets.

Accurate information for Insurance, Banks, ERP implementation & Migration, Public offering or restructuring

Generally, there is a challenge in preparing/locating accurate asset database for internal and external submission for the purpose of Insurance, Finance, ERP implementation or Strategic transactions. Assetcues keeps a fully updated, accurate, reliable and submission-ready database for immediate use.

Reduced Insurance Premium & Faster Claim Processing

In case if there is a need to claim insurance for damage to the Assets, documentation and processing would be quite faster as fully accurate and reliable data can be extracted from Assetcues. Additionally, there would not be any loss of claim on account of unrecorded transfers as all the transfers would have been routed through Assetcues.