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ITAM - IT Asset Management Tools | Solutions | Software | Assetcues

Are you looking to optimise your investments in IT Hardware and Software?

Get ahead of the curve and track availability, inventory and utilisation of all hardware and software assets.

The share of IT assets to the total asset base is increasing and so is the complexity of tracking them as these assets have become more diverse and dynamic. Tracking of the usage and availability of IT assets is critical to the operations and security of any enterprise. Every company needs to keep a tab on all the hardware and software it uses and get insights into the inventory and utilisation without breaking a sweat. diskoverIT by AssetCues helps you discover, manage and optimize your hardware and software inventory to give you the desired visibility and control.

diskoverIT Features

Agent Based Inventory

Get updated inventory of IT Hardware and Software assets used across the company with the help of diskoverIT agent. Gain insights to track and optimise the usage.

RFID Based Tracking

Transform hardware asset management using RFID. Automate IT assets inventory and Check-in, check-out of assets.

Tagging and Inventory

Tag assets, conduct periodic asset inventory and reconciliation using AssetCues mobile application. Automate the complete IT asset lifecycle management with the help of asset tag and mobile application.


Link all the hardware and software used in the network to the asset register. Mitigate any possibility of discrepancies between Finance and IT asset databases.

Allocation/Deallocation of Assets

Allocate or deallocate IT assets to individual user or project or department. Record confirmations alongwith audit trail. Track assets allocated on temporary basis with overdue alerts.

Self-certification of Assets

Conduct periodic self-certification audit of remote assets, especially with employees working from home. Employees can confirm assets, their condition and status using the link.

Software License Management

Track installation, allocation and usage of software across enterprise and compare with your licenses to optimise the use and ensure compliance.

Manage Asset Relationship

Define relationships and manage components and parts of an asset. Also associate hardware with asset to create comprehensive asset information.

Best IT Assets Inventory and Management Software / System

100% visibility of IT assets.

Hassle free solution to optimise your investments in hardware and software and reconcile IT Assets with the asset register

diskoverIT Benefits

Cost Savings

diskoverIT saves cost by helping avoid unnecessary purchases and cutting licensing and support costs.

Reduced wastages and improved utilisation

diskoverIT keeps hardware and software information updated thereby reducing wastage and improving utilization

Improved ITSM

diskoverIT improves the IT asset management function, thus facilitating better ticketing and service management.

Improved Compliance

Increased control over IT infrastructure enforces compliance with security and legal policies and reduces risks.

Single Source of Truth

diskoverIT creates a consistent and comprehensive asset database which can be used across organization for better decision making

Better Forecasting

Purchase and renewal decisions are taken more scientifically using diskoverIT as they are based on accurate information about assets


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