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ITAM - IT Asset Management Tools | Solutions | Software | Assetcues

Are your IT Assets managed using spreadsheets?

Implementing diskoverIT can reduce IT costs by up to 30% and can help reduce the time spent on manual tasks related to IT asset management by up to 50%

The share of IT assets to the total asset base is increasing and so is the complexity of tracking them as these assets have become more diverse and dynamic. Tracking of the usage and availability of IT assets is critical to the operations and security of any enterprise. diskoverIT helps you discover, manage and optimize your hardware and software inventory to give you the desired visibility and control without breaking a sweat.

Product Capabilities

Features that give you the edge

Agent Based Discovery

Get updated information about Hardwares and Softwares used across the company using diskoverIT agent. Gain insights about availability and usage.

Hardware Inventory Management

Tag hardware and perform periodic audits using AssetCues mobile application. Automate the computer and laptop inventory using barcode and RFID

Automate Movement Recording

RFID based recording of asset movements. Mitigate asset losses by authorizing and tracking the movements.

Data Reconciliation

Link assets discovered by diskoverIT agent to the asset register. Ensure synchronization of the finance and IT data at all times.

Allocation/Deallocation of Assets

Allocate or deallocate IT assets to users. Record confirmations and document the handover and takeover.

Self-certification of Assets

Conduct periodic self-certification audit of remote assets, especially with employees working from home.

Software License Management

Track installation, allocation and usage of software licenses across enterprise to optimise the use and ensure compliance.

Manage Asset Relationship

Create components and associate them with assets. Associate hardware and software also with assets to create comprehensive asset information.

Best IT Assets Inventory and Management Software / System

The leap into automation

diskoverIT helps organizations optimize their IT spending and improve the overall IT operations.

Business Benefits

Increase ROI of your IT Investments

Reduce Costs

Save costs upto 30% by improving hardware and software availability, utilization and maintenance

Improve Utilization

Reduce wastage and improve utiliation by keeping the hardware and software information up to date

Efficiency Improvement

Improve efficiency of IT operations by automating the manual tasks related to IT asset management

Improve Compliance

Better control over IT infrastructure results in compliance with security and legal policies and reduces risks.

Better Decision Making

Improve decision making with the help of accurate asset information which is synchronized and validated.

Better Forecasting

Take purchase and renewal decisions more scientifically as they are based on accurate information about assets


Would diskoverIT ensure reconciliation of the IT Assets data with Finance Asset Register?

Yes, all the scanned hardware assets are mapped with assets in the asset register ensuring both data sets are always in sync.

Can I track assets with employees working from home?

Yes, assets with employees working from home are always tracked in diskoverIT through periodic self certification and location tracking

Can we check in and check out of the assets recorded automatically?

Yes the checkin and check out of assets can be recorded automatically by using the RFID tracking feature of diskoverIT

Can AssetCues integrate with my HRMS and alert on assets with employees leaving the company?

Yes, you can document the hand over and take over of assets through integration with your HRMS application. Alerts can also be generated when assets are assigned to employees who are designated to leave the company.

Can I track the AMC? Warranty and Insurance expiry dates?

Yes, you can track all the expiry dates to take appropriate action. You will also be notified in advance of the approaching expiry dates so that you get enough time for renewal decision.

What kind of information would the diskoverIT agent collect from the endpoints?

diskoverIT agent would collect information on the hardware, configuration changes, installed softwares and last use date, location, user and other information for better asset tracking

Would I get to know if any of the agents is removed/Un-installed?

Yes, you will get information

Can I configure approval workflows for different transactions in diskoverIT?

Yes, you can configure approval workflows for transactions in diskoverIT

Can we conduct annual PV of assets?

Yes, you can conduct physical verification of assets using the diskoverIT mobile application, which gives you an option to periodically validate the asset information too. Asset tagging using barcode and RFID can also be performed using diskover IT mobile application

Can I track geo-location of assets?

Yes, you can track the location of the asset

Can i define asset relationships in diskoverIT

Yes, you would be able to create components of an asset and associate softwares with assets. This will allow you to perform transaction on a group or individual components

Can ticketing be done in diskoverIT?

Yes, diskoverIT can be used for maintenance of assets where tickets can be initiated by IT managers and/or end users.


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