Fixed Assets Audit & Tracking

Enterprise Grade Fixed Asset Audit and Tracking Solution

Software Capabilities



AssetCues integrates with various widely used software applications in Asset accounting, Finance and IT domains. This integration allows for comprehensive asset life cycle management and ensures a conformed asset data set across all systems. This enables users to build analytical solutions based on the asset information available in various disparate systems.

Examples of software applications that AssetCues can integrate with:

  • Leading ERPs like SAP, Oracle, Microsoft, etc
  • LDAP and Active Directory
  • Leading Service Desks


Mobile Application

AssetCues mobile application is an integral part of AssetCues solution and it brings ease and convenience into asset audit and tracking. Be it conducting the asset inventory or initiating transfer or disposal request, the mobile application makes it very easy to accurately initiate the transaction and seek approval.

Advanced Data Management and Reporting

AssetCues converts asset data into meaningful and actionable information through comprehensive reports and management dashboards. Every report and dashboard is configurable to suit all levels of users. AssetCues also has a configurable notification feature whereby reports can be auto-sent as an email at a scheduled time.

Multi-Country Use

Companies with assets located in various countries can use AssetCues as a single platform to track and validate all assets. It provides a holistic view of all assets across geographies. The software merges asset data from multiple countries keeping asset policies and process consistent for the enterprise. AssetCues also provides support for multiple currencies and languages.

Highly Configurable

AssetCues software is highly configurable based on multiple factors such as asset management policy, organizational hierarchy, asset costing methodology, asset class, type of tags, etc. Users have the flexibility to change the views, processes and workflows to synchronize with their existing processes.

UI and Ease of access

Intuitive user interface creates a very positive user experience for our users. Users can easily navigate through the platform and perform the transactions. Users also have full access to the Help menu and can get an answer to any question at any time.