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8 Factors to Consider in Finding the Best Fixed Asset Management Software for Your Company

Investing in the right technology plays a crucial part in the success of an organization. We live in the era of digital transformation, where technology has improved every facet of businesses drastically, including asset tracking and management.

Benefits of using RFID Asset Tracking Software for Management of IT Asset Infrastructure

Technology has paved the way for significant improvements in the asset tracking methods. Business leaders are adapting their procedures and approaches to transform the fixed assets management using advanced technologies. The advent of Barcode, RFID, Mobile technology …

Active vs. Passive Tracking: Which Asset Tracking Technology is right for you?

The worldwide adoption of asset tracking solutions is at its peak due to the changing world of work and technological advancements in this domain. Across industries, technology is changing the way assets are tracked and managed…

7 Significant differences between using RFID or Barcode technology for Fixed Asset Inventory and Tracking

Whenever asset managers seek to automate the fixed asset management, million dollar question that comes up is whether to use barcode or RFID technology to tag and track assets. Both the technologies improve data accuracy and …