Fixed Assets Audit & Tracking

Enterprise Grade Fixed Asset Audit and Tracking Solution

Security Features


Secure Data Exchange

With the in-built strong encrypted algorithm, AssetCues application exchanges data through a ‘Secure Socket Transmission’ Layer (HTTPS). It enables an encrypted link between client and server. The data transmitted through this channel remains highly secure.

256-bit Encryption

AssetCues follows a 256-bit encryption algorithm for data transmission which ensures the data transmission through a non-hackable tunnel.

Periodic VAPT Practice

As an internal security policy of testing the applications for all security-related aspects, AssetCues application is tested regularly for Vulnerability and Penetration for enhanced security and robustness.

VPN Channel to Connect

For all our implementations, We ensure that the Data is getting transmitted through a Virtual private cloud (VPC) using IP secured (IPsec) VPN.

N-Tier Application Architecture

We always recommend and support AssetCues deployment over an N-Tier architecture, which enables the webserver to operate in isolation from the Application and Database server. This ensures that the public application layer is operating from a separate server.

Backup Policies

Our server-side tools enable an automated environment for custom DB backups. It ensures instant failover support and periodic standard health checks from our IT audits team ensures a proactive approach in terms of analysing any threat or application/DB crash.