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Asset Maintenance Management Software
Asset Maintenance Management Software System

Are improvement of asset availabilty, utilization and RoI your expectations from your asset management solution?

MaintAsset by AssetCues automates preventative and breakdown maintenance management and ensures assets are maintained efficiently thereby reducing the cost of asset over its life

There has been a shift in the expectations of asset managers where improving asset utilization and RoI has taken precedence over simple objectives of tracking the location, user and availability of asset. There is a need to not just ensure assets are maintained well but also generate meaningful insights by studying the maintenance history of every asset. Asset maintenance operations need to be completely transformed and asset maintenance information centralized. Leverage our computerized maintenance management system, MaintAsset for better control over assets and for organized asset maintenance management.


Get critical insights regarding maintenance schedules, warranties, annual maintenance contracts, asset lifecycle cost, utilization and RoI


Schedule timely maintenance and fix issues timely to avoid downtimes and improve asset availability during critical times


Stay up-to-date on the status of every work order and the stage it is in, communicate with relevant stakeholders and ensure quick disposal


Ensure saving in cost of repairs through timely maintenance and lesser breakdowns


Automate the complete work order lifecycle right through creation of ticket to completion of work order and post resolution support


Comply with asset maintenance related regulatory requirements and GMP by maintaining adequate records of equipment maintenance.


Work Order Management

Right from ticket creation or preventive maintenance schedule to completion of work order, MaintAsset provides complete visibility on the maintenance operations.

Mobile Maintenance Management

Perform maintenance operations and access ciritical information of assets on the go with MaintAsset mobile application.

Configurable Approval Workflow

Configure the Approval workflow as per the organization policy for creation of work order and related costs

Track Resources Spent

Track time and money spent on different types of issues and assets. Analyze the performance of assets and technicians

Track Asset Life-Cycle Cost

It is essential to track the total cost of the asset through its life and not just the purchase cost. MaintAsset helps track all the maintenance costs, giving visibility of asset lifecycle cost.

Material and Inventory Management

Manage asset parts and components and ensure they are available to meet maintenance schedules and breakdown requirements.

Better Control

Easily accessible equipment manuals, checklists, mobile instructions & relevant information through mobile application makes the maintenance operations efficient.

Comprehensive Analytics

Comprehensive analysis of orders and cost by issue types, technicians and asset types to provide actionalble insights

Increase RoI with efficient and automated asset management operations

Increase RoI with efficient and automated asset management operations

Generate insights required for informed decision making regarding asset procurement, transfer, maintenance and disposal decisions. Reduce the asset lifecycle cost through improved asset availability and utlization


Eliminate Manual Efforts

MaintAsset completely automates the asset maintenance management to eliminate overly manual processes and reduces chances of human mistakes

Improved TCO and ROI

Get a unified environment to enhance the cost-effectiveness, thus improving the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) and Return on Investment (RoI).

Increased Uptime and Utilization

Create efficiencies by better scheduling resources to reduce unplanned downtime and increase asset uptime and utilization.

Better Planning and Scheduling

Optimize maintenance planning and scheduling to improve overall maintenance management function

Improved Maintenance Coordination

MaintAsset systematizes the entire maintenance operations, making maintenance management more integrated with better coordination.

Improved Wrench Time and Productivity

Through complete visibility of the maintenance work orders, there is an increase in the productivity of the maintenance teams.

Reduced Maintenance Cost

Get better control of the assets and ensure lesser breakdowns, thus reducing asset maintenance costs.

Increased Asset Lifetime

Increase asset usability and lifetime with timely maintenance of assets through MaintAsset.

Improved Safety and Compliance

MaintAsset enhances safety and compliance by ensuring that assets get maintained with time schedules.


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