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Perform asset inventories like never before, with enhanced accuracy and efficiency. Accurately ascertain asset availability, location, user, status, and condition during asset inventory, optimizing asset management and control.

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Manual Asset Inventory is Inefficient as it Results in

Ghost Assets

Assets listed as present but physically missing drain your resources. You pay for insurance, taxes & potential replacements on assets that don’t exist

Unregistered Assets

Assets that aren’t in your system are vulnerable to loss & misuse. You also risk unnecessary purchases due to a lack of accurate inventory data.

Unrecorded Transfers

Without a reliable tracking system, asset transfers go undocumented, leading to confusion, misallocation of resources, and potential security risks.

Lack of Audit Trail

Manual audits create incomplete and potentially unreliable records. This makes it difficult to justify decisions, resolve disputes, and pass compliance audits.

Time-Consuming Processes

Manual inventories are labor-intensive, diverting resources from more productive activities.

Cost Inefficiencies

The labor and time costs associated with manual processes are high, often compounded by error-related corrections.

Lack of Scalability

Manual systems struggle to accommodate business growth, making it hard to manage an increasing volume of assets effectively.

Audit Challenges

Producing reliable records for compliance and audits is difficult with manual systems, complicating justification and dispute resolution

Empowering Precision
Automate Your Asset Inventory with AssetCues

Leverage Tracking Technologies

  • Implement Barcode, RFID, RTLS, GPS, and IoT for simplified inventory.
  • Save time, money and efforts spent in asset identification and reconciliation.
  • Gain insights into precise asset locations and usage patterns.

Mobile Phone Powered Asset Inventory

  • Conduct asset audits using your mobile phone for a spreadsheet-less inventory.
  • Experience unprecedented speed and accuracy with AssetCues mobile application.
  • Auto-generate audit evidence for hassle-free reconciliation and audit.

Asset Confirmation Portal

  • Connect Asset Users and Custodians to the asset management system through AssetCues confirmation portal.
  • Allow stakeholders to confirm asset availability and condition of assets under their custody.
  • Ensure requisitions and ticketing from the portal.

Hassle-Free Reconciliation and Trail

  • Streamline reconciliations with accurate discrepancy reports backed by audit evidence.
  • Ensure documentation of all communication and evidences as audit trail.
  • Foster better collaboration with timely alerts on discrepancies and inventory updates.

Ensure 100% Asset Audit Coverage Across all Asset Types.

Verify Every Asset, Spending Significantly Less Time, Cost, and Effort


Tailored for extreme conditions, AssetCues employs durable asset tags designed to withstand harsh environments, simplifying the inventory process for heavily used machinery.

IT Assets

With the mobility of IT assets and the rise of remote work, AssetCues offers advanced tracking features that monitor asset movements effortlessly, ensuring accurate inventory even for assets off-site or in transit.

Facility (Admin) Assets

Tracking facility assets involves complexity, especially when they frequently change locations or are part of lease agreements. AssetCues enhances tracking precision for these assets through sophisticated technology.


Due to their small size and high mobility, tools present unique tracking challenges. AssetCues addresses these with a variety of inventory methods, providing flexibility where traditional tagging may not be feasible.


Equipment often encounters diverse cleaning chemicals and methods. AssetCues ensures the longevity of asset tags under such conditions, maintaining reliable tracking regardless of the cleaning processes involved.


For assets that operate predominantly outdoors, like vehicles, AssetCues incorporates GPS technology to provide precise location tracking and management.

Land and Building

Unlike other systems, AssetCues has developed a specialized method to streamline property and building management, enhancing the efficiency of property asset management.

Intangible Assets

AssetCues extends its capabilities to intangible assets such as software licenses, which are often overlooked in traditional inventories, ensuring a comprehensive asset management system.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is automated asset inventory management?

Automated asset inventory management involves using technology such as RFID, barcodes, and software systems to track and manage the lifecycle of physical assets efficiently. This automation reduces manual labor, improves accuracy, and provides real-time visibility into asset status and location.

Asset inventory automation minimizes human errors by using scanning technologies and real-time data updates, ensuring that asset records are always current and accurate. This leads to better asset utilization, reduced losses, and enhanced decision-making

Yes, AssetCues seamlessly integrates with all leading ERP systems including SAP, Oracle, and Microsoft Dynamics. This integration facilitates smooth data exchange and enhances the consistency and reliability of asset information across business systems.

AssetCues utilizes advanced technologies such as RFID, GPS, IoT, and barcode scanning to enable detailed tracking and management of assets. These technologies help in locating assets quickly, monitoring their usage, and maintaining up-to-date records.

AssetCues’ mobile asset inventory allows users to conduct asset audits and track assets using mobile devices. This capability supports real-time data entry and access, enhancing the flexibility and efficiency of asset management operations.

The confirmation portal in AssetCues serves as a centralized platform where stakeholders can verify and confirm asset details, promoting accountability and transparency. This feature supports compliance and ensures that all parties have consistent information about asset status.

With AssetCues, you can generate various reports such as asset status, location tracking, usage history, and maintenance schedules. These reports help in strategic planning, operational efficiency, and compliance monitoring.

AssetCues ensures data security through encryption, secure access controls, and compliance with international standards. The platform supports various compliance protocols to safeguard sensitive information and ensure that asset management practices meet regulatory requirements.

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