Cash Generating Unit (CGU)

What is a Cash Generating Unit (CGU)?

A Cash Generating Unit (CGU) holds a pivotal role in financial reporting and asset valuation, particularly concerning impairment testing under international accounting standards. It is a distinct segment of a business entity that operates autonomously, generating cash inflows independently of other segments.

Cash Generating Unit

Characteristics of a CGU

A CGU possesses distinct characteristics that set it apart from other segments within an organization:

  1. Independent Cash Flow Generation: A defining trait of a CGU is its ability to generate cash inflows through its operational activities. These cash inflows are primarily derived from the sale of goods or services offered by the specific segment.
  2. Operational Autonomy: A CGU operates independently from other segments, exercising its own management control. This autonomy allows for separate evaluation of financial performance and cash generation capabilities.

Impairment Testing and CGUs

Impairment testing involves assessing whether the carrying amount of an asset exceeds its recoverable amount. Cash Generating Units (CGUs) play a crucial role in this process:

  1. Recoverable Amount: The recoverable amount of an asset is determined by its higher value in use or fair value less costs to sell.
  2. CGU as a Measurement Unit: A CGU serves as a unit of measurement for impairment testing. If the carrying amount of an asset exceeds the recoverable amount of its CGU, an impairment loss is recognized.

Identification of CGUs

  1. Determining Boundaries: The process of identifying Cash Generating Units (CGUs) centers on establishing specific boundaries. This involves analyzing distinct elements like unique business operations, separate geographic locations, and differentiated product lines.
  2. Illustrative Examples: The concept of CGUs manifests diversely across industries. In manufacturing, CGUs can be segregated into separate production lines or facilities, while in the retail sector, CGUs may take the form of individual store branches or locations. These examples underline the versatility of CGUs in representing various operational segments within an organization.

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