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Asset Inventory Management Software
Excel, pen and paper based Asset inventory wearing you down?

Automate physical asset verification and management using AssurAsset mobile application

Accurately track the existence and condition of assets by automating the physical asset verification and reconciliation. Save time, money and effort in identifying and locating an asset.

Automation of physical asset verification (asset inventory or asset audit) and reconciliation is the first crucial step in digital transformation of asset lifecyle management. Using conventional methods lead to inaccurate results, tedious reconciliation and lack of trail besides consuming more time, money and efforts. AssurAsset digitally transforms the physical asset verification and tracking of assets leveraging Barcode, RFID and Mobile technology.

Integration with diverse Asset Tracking Technologies
Barcode, RFID and IoT based Asset Management

Barcode/QR Code

AssurAsset integrates with barcode and QR code technology to transform the asset Inventory, Tracking and Management


Through simple integration with RFID technology, AssurAsset automates the asset inventory and checkin-checkouts

Mobile Application

Easy to use mobile application which facilitates asset tagging, inventory and reconciliation on the go makes AssurAsset trusted asset inventory solution

AssurAsset Features

Asset Tagging

Barcode and RFID based asset tagging using AssurAsset software to automate the inventory and tracking of assets.

Asset Inventory Management

Faster and Accurate inventory of IT and Fixed Assets. Compliance with audit and compliance requirements for Asset inventory.


Automated reconciliation of physical asset verification findings with asset database to avoid inefficiency and inaccuracy.


A self-certification option to audit remote assets by allowing end-users to confirm assets with them along with status.

Geo-Tagging and Photo

Capture and update critical asset information such as asset condition, photo, geo-location and more to establish authentic audit trail.

Asset Groups / Components

Create components and groups to record every trackable asset. Manage relationship between asset in FAR and physical assets.


Seamless integration with leading ERPs, HRMS, and other applications to ensure synchronised and consistent asset information.

Mobile Application

Mobile application based asset inventory and tracking to ensure speed, accuracy and reliability.

Save 90% of your time and efforts.

Save 90% of your time and efforts.

Leverage our technology and get your asset inventory and reconciliation done faster to save your critical time and money.

AssurAsset Benefits

~100% Accuracy

AssurAsset negates any chances of human errors, thereby resulting in highly accurate asset audit results

90% Saving of Time, Money and Efforts

AssurAsset brings speed and automation into Asset tracking; thereby saving time, money, and manual efforts in conducting asset inventory and reconciliation.

Centralized Asset Repository

AssurAsset creates an asset database that acts as a single source of truth for the enterprise.

Better Control over Assets

Through audit automation and increased asset audit frequency, AssurAsset reduces the chances of asset loss and theft

Better Asset Utilisation

AssurAsset reports audit issues which if acted upon swiftly and appropriately results in increased asset availability, utilisation and overall efficiency

Audit and Regulatory Compliance

AssurAsset always ensures you are compliant with statutory regulations concerning physical asset verification and asset register maintenance.


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