Beacon-based Tracking

What is Beacon-based Tracking?

Beacon-based tracking leverages Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) beacons to pinpoint the location of objects or individuals with remarkable precision. These beacons emit unique signals at regular intervals, akin to lighthouses guiding ships.

When a Bluetooth-equipped device, like a smartphone, comes within range, it can detect these signals, allowing for various applications. Two primary approaches exist: client-based and server-based tracking.

Beacon-based Tracking

Client-Based Approach

Client-based beacon tracking is a boon for high-accuracy location-dependent applications, especially those involving Apple devices. It facilitates indoor navigation, often through apps, with cross-platform compatibility and an accuracy of up to one meter.

When you activate an app on your smartphone, it receives signals from beacons placed within the building and gauges your position through signal strength measurements. This data can also be transferred to a centralized platform for intelligent processing.

The client-based method boasts an accuracy range of 1-3 meters, with a signal range of up to 30 meters.

Server-Based Approach

Server-based tracking relies on receiver hardware and Bluetooth Low Energy beacons attached to assets or carried by people.

This method delivers accuracy within a few meters, with the potential for sub-meter precision thanks to Bluetooth 5.1’s “direction finding” capability. The beacon transmits BLE signals to receiver hardware installed in the building.

In scenarios with Locator Beacons, these transmit received signals to a Locator Node, which then forwards the data to a centralized platform via Wi-Fi or Ethernet. Alternatively, infsoft Locator Nodes can process the data themselves and send it directly to the platform.

The server-based approach provides an accuracy of less than 8 meters (0.5-1 meter with Bluetooth 5.1) and a range of up to 75 meters.

Real-Time Benefits of Beacon-based Tracking

Beacon-based tracking holds transformative potential across various industries:

  • Enhanced Office Occupancy Monitoring: Precise room-level monitoring reduces office space and enhances employee satisfaction and productivity by optimizing room utilization.
  • Improved Environmental Monitoring: Real-time data on temperature, humidity, carbon dioxide levels, and more helps reduce the carbon footprint and enhance the employee experience.
  • Enhanced Safety: Beacon technology aids in emergency scenarios by automating muster area counting and locating staff and visitors in real-time.
  • Streamlined Visitor Flow: It simplifies security management by providing a consistent process for real-time visitor tracking, host pairing, and emergency readiness.
  • Seamless Indoor Navigation: Turn-by-turn navigation guides employees and visitors within buildings, preventing missed appointments and improving overall navigation.

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